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The Correct Process For Exterior Painting


Exterior painting can be one of the best investments a homeowner can make. The quality of the paint job on your home is your number one defense against elemental damage and insect infestation. Lets define what a “quality” exterior paint job is in further detail and why each step matters.




If the exterior paint is peeling there is a certain process that needs to be followed.

**Please note homes containing lead based paint will require a separate approach**

  1. First the home will need to be pressure washed using a 3400 psi or higher machine. Doing this allows us to remove any loose materials and helps identify where any problem areas are. High pressure water works wonders at removing loose materials from the surface. Please visit this link on pressure washing to learn more.

  2. Areas where the paint has fully peeled will need to be sanded to further remove loose paint and also feathers the edges where the old paint is still bonding to the surface. This allows the overall finish to look smoother and helps prevent further peeling. This is a very important step & the appearance of the final coat will reflect the effort of sanding put in.

  3. Loose and cracked caulking should be removed to allow room for new caulking. Areas where caulking has cracked or failed is often due to loose nails or screws in the siding. These areas should be screwed down with the appropriate length screws. It is very important that areas where caulking has failed due to movement in the siding be completely fastened down. These areas are weak points in your homes defense against water!

  4. Once all of the sanding, paint removal, and other dirty surface prep is finished the home needs to be gently rinsed with a pressure washer one more time using around 1500 psi to lightly rinse away any dust created from sanding and scraping the surface. It is imperative that the operator of the pressure washer does not get too close to the surface. We are only lightly rinsing the surface so our primers will have a clean dust free bond.

  5. After the surface has fully dried the home will need to be prepped for priming and caulking. First we need to prime all bare wood with a high solids oil based primer. We like using zinzer oil based primers. If there is heavy peeling and requires using a sprayer to apply your primer all surfaces need to be fully masked off. All windows, concrete, lighting, and hardware will need to be masked off with tape, paper, and plastic prior to priming. This primer will stick to anything so anything you don’t want paint on will need to be masked.

  6. The next step is to caulk and fill any nail holes or seams on the siding, fascia, and trim. For exterior painting it is very important to us high grade caulking that is elastomeric. We use personally use Sherwin Williams Shur Max These types of caulking will expand and contract with the siding during the seasons and keep a water tight seal which will prevent damages to your siding. We always use the highest grade caulking available as this is the most important step to maintaining a water tight seal on your siding.

  7. If you have major peeling you may want to double prime the worst areas using Sherwin Williams Peel Block . We personally use this product over our oil based primer coat to double ensure that our feathered edges will not begin peeling again. It is important to fully cover the oil based paints and work a small amount onto the areas around the repaired area.

  8. At this point in time your house should be completely pressure washed, sanded, caulked, masked, and primed. We are now ready to begin the painting process. Exteriors are typically sprayed using an airless paint sprayer using a somewhat large to medium sized spray tips. We personally use a Graco Ultra Max 695 with tips ranging from .415-.617. We love this sprayer because it can pump nearly all paint coatings. It is usually a good idea to try to peel the masking within an hour after spraying as this will give you the best results. Higher areas that require a latter to de-mask should be left until the surface can withstand a padded extension ladder.

  9. Once the body of the house has been sprayed and the masking has been removed we are now ready for the fun part! We will need to paint all of the window trim, door jambs, and facia by hand using a high quality brush and a 2″-4″ roller.

  10. So your done with the brush work. What now? Its time to to one last walk around using colored tape ( if needed ) and look for any spots that need touch ups. It is quite common to find small areas that were missed along the way. Your eye can catch these areas much better when you have just applied a fresh coat of paint. Use a small brush and the left over paint to lightly paint these areas. Please note that paint builds sheen with thickness. This means the thicker the coating the shinier it will be so don’t over paint your touch up areas or they will flash at an angle. 

The paint and prep materials used for exterior painting should be as high of quality that your budget will allow. This is true for your prep
materials as well.

We personally only use exterior paints with a 25 year manufactures warranty or higher. Having a manufactures warranty is important as it ensures that your paint will last and allows us to offer our customers a minimum 2 year warranty on our workmanship. The products used to prep the surface should be warranted as well.




Exterior Super paint


A Few Reasons We Love Painting Exteriors With Super Paint

  • Formulated with Advanced Resin Technology for excellent adhesion, hide and color retention.

  • Excellent coverage and durability. Provides a dirt-resistant and mildew-resistant coating.

  • Withstands the elements and resists frost, peeling, blistering, and cracking.

  • Low temperature application down to 35°F.

  • Contains VinylSafe® Technology — allowing you to paint darker colors on vinyl siding without worrying about warping or buckling.

  • Available in flat, low luster, satin, gloss and high-gloss sheens.

  • High-gloss is ideal for reducing sticking on doors, windows and trim.

  • Backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty from Sherwin Williams and a 2 Year Workmanship Warranty From Idaho Stone Crafters LLC

  • Tried and tested in the field and is a product we are proud to stand behind.








Exterior Painting

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