Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic Epoxy Floors

We are proud to offer our artistic metallic epoxy floors to the Treasure Valley. These coatings allow us to create unique 3d effects with a wide variance of color options over concrete, wood, tile, and more.Our floors are made using extremely durable materials manufactured by Elite Crete Systems who are industry leaders in decorative concrete & surface coating technology and are world renowned for their product performance.Epoxy floors offer you a one of a kind finish that is seamless, easy to clean, and extremely durable. They can resist chemicals, acid, staining, and abrasion when top coated using an aliphatic urethane or poly aspartic top coating.  

Epoxy Floors Have Many Uses

 Metallic epoxy floors are perfect for many settings such as:

  1. Commercial Businesses With High Foot Traffic
  2. Auto Showrooms
  3. Art Galleries
  4. Museums  
  5. Tattoo Parlors
  6. Hair & Nail Salons
  7. Barber Shops
  8. Retail Shops
  9. Clothing Outlets
  10. Casinos & Bars 
  11. Commercial Kitchens & Restaurants
  12. Hotels & Condos 
  13. Garages
  14. All Interior Living Spaces

 With a wide selection of color combinations and color textures that can be achieved we are certain that we can design the perfect floor for you! Sample boards are made prior to the install for our customers to approve before the installation of your floor.

FAQ About Metallic Epoxy Floors

 How durable is the final finish?

The coatings we use are industrial strength and are specifically designed for commercial use. The epoxy itself is not hard enough to withstand heavy traffic or surface scratching so a sacrificial top coating is used to protect the epoxy build coats. We use a aliphatic urethane that comes in a gloss or satin finish. The satin finsh requires use of a 3rd component that literally creates a shield over the epoxy. . These coatings will provide a lightly textured surface for slip resistance and better scratch resistance. 

 What types of surfaces can be coated using Metallic Epoxy?

Coating technology has allowed us to coat just about any standard floor surface. Concrete, structurally sound tile, and wood based underlayments are all surfaces that can be coated with metallic epoxies. The biggest factor is that the floor has little to no surface flex and if so could require additional joist placement to reinforce the floors. Each surface requires a different approach to achieve a high quality finish. Concrete needs to be ground or scarified using shot blasting equipment to ensure our vapor barrier will “root” into the surface. Tile must be removed or coated with a high strength self leveling concrete before epoxy coating placement to level out the surface. If you are unsure about your floors please contact us for a free consultation and floor inspection. 

 What colors can be achieved? 

Currently there are 20 different reflector colors to choose from. Out of these colors we mix, by ratio, different amounts of each reflector powder to get the style and colors our customers are looking for.It is important to remember that reflector finishes can create transparent, semi transparent, and solid colors. Typically the floor will have a solid base color that will randomly show through parts of the floor creating maximum color depth.Solid colors can be achieved as well by using pigments in our epoxy. These can be later coated with a pearl essence coatings to add subtle but beautiful sparkles to the finish.When a customer chooses to go with our services we make a complimentary sample board for our customer to inspect before the installation to approve.

 What Sheen Options Are There? 

Currently there are semi-gloss, satin, and a matte finish with AUS-V top coatings. Satin and matte finishes are achieved using an additive that lowers the sheen but increases the abrasion resistance of the floor tremendously. It is said that you can wear a penny down on the surface before scratching your floors when additive is used in the top coating. 

Floor Maintenance

The materials we use are extremely durable and will last a lifetime of use with, of course, proper maintenance and care. In very high traffic areas the floors should be resealed once every 3-6 years with a sacrificial coating to maintain a like new finish and to protect the epoxy coating.Floors with extremely high foot traffic can be buffed using floor buffing equipment and coated periodically using small amounts of flooring wax to maintain an even shine.Cleaning your metallic epoxy floors will be very easy and only requires moping with light cleaning detergents and warm water. Non abrasive cleaners are only recommended.  Floors may be regularly swept or vacuumed as needed.The floors will resist staining and scratching when top coated with an aliphatic urethane.